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Areas of Expertise


LGBTQ+ Issues

Including Transition Letters

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Trauma Healing

Using Cognitive Processing Therapy

In-Home Behavior Modification

With Focus in Autism (Levels 1 and 2)


The Process Has To Start With You!

Are you tired of saying the words "I'm Okay", but not feeling them?

Are you over having a good day that is just followed by a bad week?

Are you ready to stop just talking and start healing?

When we start to do things we have never done, we start to feel things we have never felt!

At Butterfly Therapeutics we believe true wellness is a whole holistic experience; that includes emotional processing with behavioral action steps to treat the mind, body, and soul as one unit!

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My Approach

Positive change

A holistic approach to therapy is all about addressing all dimensions of wellness in order to achieve true well-being. The goal is to help individuals in developing a deeper understanding of themselves, their past, their needs and how to effectively communicate this with others. Evidence-based treatment is combined with a holistic framework to tailor therapy to what you are individually seeking.  


Moving you towards your ideal life.

Clients that I work with often experience these changes (and more) in their lives as a result from therapy

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Deeper, healthier relationships

Having deep conversation

Healthy coping relationships


Deeper understanding of themselves and others

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Being more present in their daily life


Hi, I'm Amy.

Founder, Butterfly Therapeutics

To start, I would like to introduce myself! I am the owner, Amy Garcia, M.S., LPC.

I have worked for the Department of Child Services, in in-patient acute facilities, and as an RBT applying behavioral analysis techniques with individuals with Autism; all on top of my training and work as a Therapist in a practice for the past 5 years.

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