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Therapy Services for LGBTQ+ Issues

Therapy services provide a safe and understanding environment for individuals facing LGBTQ+ issues. We offer support and guidance to help you navigate through your unique challenges.


We have personal and professional experience in the LGBTQ+ community; helping us have a better understanding of the world through your lens.


We provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ individuals to explore their identities and experiences.

Having a trauma

Trauma Healing: Techniques, Approach, and Outcomes

Using Cognitive Processing Therapy.

Trauma is the response to experiences where your sense of safety feels threatened and you're left feeling broken, helpless, and voiceless. Trauma is almost always an underlying cause of various mental health conditions. Unhealed trauma can show up as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, personality or mood disorders, codependency, physical illness, and other symptoms.

I help you change your life and gently heal your trauma by helping you break the chains holding you back.


Supporting Neurodiversity: Tailored Strategies for Clients

One of the hardest parts of being neurodiverse is living in a world full of people who don’t get you.

This can make neurodiverse folks feel rejected, alone, and unworthy, which then creates many more mental health concerns.Neurodiversity such as ADHD, autism, information processing disorders and more, is a term that acknowledges that all human brains do and should work differently. 

I provide support for anxiety, trauma, and depression, while also tending to the impact of social systems on your mental wellbeing.

Holistic Approach to Neurodiversity Support

Empowering Neurodivergent Individuals Through Therapy

Creating a Safe Space for Neurodiverse Clients

Counselor having discussion

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